Rediscover your body and the solutions to its problems with the Alexander Technique in San Diego


Whole Bodied Consulting helps people solve pain and performance problems through the Alexander Technique


For Individuals: Body & Mind, Coordinated

Whether you are a chronic pain sufferer searching for lasting relief, a public speaker in need of confident charisma, an artistic performer seeking higher expressive potential, an athlete trying to find a leg-up in performance while protecting yourself from injury, or simply somebody trying to cope with day-to-day stress and tension, Whole Bodied Consulting helps you empower yourself through the Alexander Technique.

Most of us have developed posture and movement habits that cause tension, compression and fatigue. We fight ourselves without knowing it by using our bodies against our design, causing stress, pain and disability. You are not trapped by your body or its past, Whole Bodied Consulting helps you rediscover your natural coordination by holistically teaching you to release habits of both body and mind with evidence-based use of the Alexander Technique. You are in control and your results last a lifetime.

A proven approach to self care, the Alexander Technique teaches how to unlearn habitual patterns that cause unnecessary tension in everything we do.

For Organizations: Employees, Healthy & Productive

Whether your employees spend hours working on computers, in a warehouse or talking with important clients, every task makes demands on their minds and bodies, and you need your workers at their best. The well-being of your employees is reflected in your company's well-being: poor health costs U.S. employers $576 billion annually through lost productivity, insurance costs (including health and workers' comp), paid sick time and more.

Most ergonomics focuses on the working environment, the Outer Ergonomics, but this overlooks the greater importance of Inner Ergonomics, the efficiency of a worker in their posture and movement. Whole Bodied Consulting helps employees master their Inner Ergonomics through the Alexander Technique. Businesses like Unicible, Siemens AG and Victorinox have implemented these solutions, and Google's former SVP of People Operations, Laszlo Bock, has endorsed the Alexander Technique.

Your organization can benefit by reducing working hours lost to illness, cutting down accidents and injuries, and spending less on insurance while enjoying the productivity gains of employees who manage stress better, have less pain and fewer injuries, and work better in teams and with customers with improved creativity and concentration.


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