Be best friends with your body


You deserve a great relationship with your body, free from pain and tension.

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I’m Graeson, and at Whole Bodied Coaching I teach people like you what you need to know about your body.

Imagine life in your body with:

  • Beautiful, effortless posture giving you strength and flexibility

  • Free movement, full of energy and grace, that feels good

  • True relaxation, with peace of mind and space to think

...and you with the skill to connect to that powerhouse body to meet every challenge and opportunity.

Oh, and a lot less pain and tension.

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Reviews & Testimonials

“I Kneeded You” by Niki Kalmus
Kate Testimonial Badge.png

I have alleviated so much pain from unneeded tension:

Lower back pain so bad it hurt to breathe, frequent headaches, pinching shoulder pains, and a hard time standing for long. The Alexander Technique has been the most life changing thing I've ever done for my physical health. I have learned to help myself feel great in my own body. I feel empowered to make good choices. You deserve to be able to do this too. Graeson is a magical teacher who creates a safe and supportive space learn about new ways of moving and being in your body. 10/10, would recommend, it's amazing.
— Kate Anderson

Mary Testimonial Badge.png

I feel liberated from fifteen years of stress and tension after working with Graeson.

Over a fifteen year period I struggled with stress that manifested into a very tight neck and shoulders. Within twelve weeks of working with Graeson, I found immense relief. With his help I have gained control of my entire body, even beyond the physical. I have a new sense of calm. If you want to make a change to address pain, you will be in good hands with Graeson."
— Mary Laterza

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I have been working with Graeson off and on for about a year, and I can't say enough good things about him and his work.

I met him at a workshop at our aikido dojo where he helped each of us with our posture and movement — to find ease, efficiency, and flow. I was so impressed by how much that little tidbit helped that I signed up for a series of sessions with Graeson. At first our work focused on my aikido practice but soon expanded into more. I am a woman in her 60’s who loves doing all sorts of sports and activities — cycling, surfing, aikido — and also has challenging work both physically and mentally. I have struggled with posture my whole life and more recently with integrating an ankle injury and hip pain/stiffness. Graeson has helped me find ease with all of these issues which has enabled me to continue doing what I love pain-free which means freer and more joyous movement. My appreciation for his work is boundless — thank you Graeson and Whole Bodied Coaching!
— Rosalind Haselbeck