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I'm here to help you have the great relationship with your body that you deserve.

I know you love having a full life, and you bring your best to everything you do. I also know you’re used to pushing past every obstacle. But you’ve hit a wall. 

You're probably tired of: 

  • Saying no to the things you used to love doing because your body can't handle it anymore.

  • Exercises+practices that don't fix the problem, or sometimes even make it worse.

  • Professionals telling you you're broken and they can fix you (except they can't).

  • Feeling like your body is in getting in your way.

...and what you really want is to just live your life without even simple things like sitting or standing causing you pain.


Listen, I’ve been there. Repeatedly. 
I had a long-time shitty relationship to my body, full of things I thought were wrong with me and activities I thought I couldn’t do. Then I was a 20-something with debilitating neck pain that derailed my life for days at a time. It was awful, but probably worse was the feeling that I was too young for that, that something was seriously wrong, and that my life wouldn’t get better from here.
It took a lot of work, but now I feel great in my body. I’m not 100% pain-free, because literally nobody is, and that’s not the goal. The goal is living how you want to live and knowing exactly what works for you so you can sort out the problems that do show up.

But that journey took me too damn long. 
You deserve a good relationship with your body… And it shouldn’t take years.

That’s why I started Whole Bodied Coaching, because I know how bad it can be, and also how much better.

Feeling good is achieved by becoming the expert of your own body

(and yeah, it helps to have an expert like me to get you there quickly.)

The only reason my expertise matters is to help you become the expert of yourself with fundamental skills: good posture, free movement and true relaxation.

And I want you to completely outgrow me. I don’t have all the answers, but I have the skills to help you find your answers.

We’ll start exactly where you are, with no judgment about where you’ve been or where you want to go.


I’m an expert that doesn’t expect you to blindly follow my orders. Actually, I ask everyone I work with to tell me if I ever say something that sounds like bullshit to them.

Because none of the bullshit that people tried to sell me did anything to help. But figuring out that my single biggest pain trigger was how I walked around looking at my feet like sad Charlie Brown was huge in feeling better.

So I have a strict no bullshit policy. To be clear, feelings+emotions are not bullshit, and are totally expected and honored here.

You just need someone to cut to the practical: how you hold and move your body and the thoughts and feelings behind that.

Here’s my special blend of expertise:

  • I trained intensively for three years in how to observe and teach human movement to become a nationally certified Alexander Technique (AT) specialist.

    AT is the best practical method of learning how to change habits of how you use your body. There's solid clinical research to support it, and it also feels a little like magic.

  • I’m a huge nerd, by which I mean I have graduate training in anthropology, functional anatomy, human development, neuroscience, and education and that I keep on top of the latest in movement and pain science, so you don’t have to.

    I give you cutting-edge work, with clear and accurate explanations to your questions that seriously filter the bull for you. (I’m holistic and science-based.)

  • I’ve helped hundreds of people struggling like you. Everyday people with a range of personal and medical histories, plus actors, singers, instrumentalists, dancers, clowns, improvisers, yogis and athletes taught across a half-dozen universities and conservatories.

    I’m insanely good at getting to the heart of your problems to help you bring out your best, no matter how complicated. (And I’m a performer myself, so I get complicated.)

And believe me, you don’t need all of that for you to have a good relationship with your body. But it sure helps to have a buddy that does if you want to figure it out quickly.


As for me personally... (Hi, I'm Graeson.)


I have an awesome kiddo named Clementine (and a new baby named Rosalie!) We have lots of dance parties, foot races, and jumping contests.

I’m a fifteen-year veteran of improv theater. I once played a cat obsessed with a laser pointer for an hour.

In a past life, I chased monkeys through the jungle and helped dig up some of our earliest evidence for human use of fire (plus some cool Homo erectus footprints.)

I sing constantly when I’m alone. I love jazz standards, folk songs and indie rock.

I have a passion for gardening (my wife would call it an addiction). For the first time in my life, I have legit calluses from doing my digging and tilling by hand.

I travel around San Diego with my skeleton buddy/co-teacher Max making videos to help people be best friends with their bodies.


And I’m in constant movement. It’s how I think. (Hello, fidget cube.)

My body is the center of everything I do, and I am grateful everyday for that.

And I’m grateful you’re here.

You deserve an awesome relationship with your body.


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