Activity Troubleshooting

Laser-focused help you need for the physical activity that's troubling you.

This is your personalized how-to for what you do.

You have that thing you do that bothers you, that isn't quite how you want it to be. When you do it, you feel it. Tension, pain, fatigue -- whether you feel it right away or later, that activity is causing you some trouble, and you know it has something to do with how you're doing it.

This is a how-to session for that thing you do that gives you trouble. You’ll get practical, immediately applicable guidance how to perform an activity better and with less pain and tension.

Let’s troubleshoot!

Whatever the activity, you’re probably tired of:

  • Pain and tension that show up no matter how careful you are
  • Trying to change habits but not being able to sustain them
  • Trying to do it right but not knowing exactly how
  • Feeling performance anxiety or worrying about hurting yourself
  • Feeling stuck on a performance plateau

...and you're worried it's going to get harder and feel worse unless you can figure it out.

You've got this.

You just need some concrete guidance.

Let's figure this out.


I know it can be frustrating when your body doesn’t seem to cooperate with what life demands of you (or what you demand of life). Gardening, raising a kid, performing on stage, working in an office -- my major activities have all left me aching at some point.

Ache is just a sign that I can improve how I do what I do.

Trust me. A few tweaks, a little rest, and you’ll be on your way to:

  • Movement that feels free, easy and safe
  • Pausing your habits mindfully so you can sustain change
  • Activity in harmony with your body’s biomechanical design
  • Feeling calm and confident in action
  • Taking your performance to the next level 

"I drive a lot, and stiffness is a chronic problem. After troubleshooting, I'm enjoying reduced back tension. 

I can identify when I am in a poor position (like slouching my neck) and I am able to bring myself into alignment without adding tension. My movement feels more free, my body is more relaxed, and I'm able to be more calm altogether. The troubleshooting experience was very helpful, and Graeson is a joy to work with."

-Luke Davis

Activity Troubleshooting

Your personalized how-to for what you do.

Here is what you get:

  • Pre-Session Quick Plan Questionnaire so we can troubleshoot with laser-focus

  • 55 minutes of focused movement coaching on one primary activity and up to two secondary activities as time permits

    • Including three practical, concrete takeaway tips to make change actionable and manageable

  • Bullet-point notes sent after your session that you can always refer back to

  • Follow-up e-mail the next week to address any questions that come up after

  • Optional: On-Location Service, where I come meet you for focused help where you need it in action. Perfect for workplace pain or to tune up your gym routine.

Your investment to improve how you do what you do is just $149.


"Working with Graeson has helped with real challenges like managing stress and getting better sleep.

Graeson is great at seeing individual challenges that people need to work on, and coaching them through while being super supportive. I'm better at relaxing into things now instead of tensing up and overthinking." - Vera Didur


"Graeson helped me build a toolkit of practical ways to manage my stage fright for an important performance.

My posture and voice also improved, which was critical to giving off a confident vibe. I became more physically self-aware, and I'm really glad I worked with him." -Ramona Riecke