Different Option for Pain and Tension than Chiropractic or Physical Therapy in San Diego

VIDEO: This is different from everything else (chiropractic, massage, physical therapy…) 👀 🤔

San Diegans with chronic or recurrent pain or tension -- back pain, neck pain, knee pain, hip pain -- can take back their lives thanks to this approach called Alexander Technique. 🙌🙌🙌

Most of my clients have already tried practically everything, but our work together makes the difference. You can hear from a few of them in the video…

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Worried about phone bone? Don't be.

In case you missed it, a new "study" is going around that claims degenerate posture is causing our society's skulls to develop strange growths in frightening numbers. (You might have seen the Washington Post article with a scary x-ray photo and an ominous measurement line.)

Now, I'll be the first to argue that posture is important and that we should be helping ourselves and our kids to find healthy movement -- but not because we need to be worried about growing horns!

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