4 Tips to Drive Without Tension

Driving can really hurt.

In fact, driving is one of the most common activities people ask me for help with. (You're not alone, in other words.)

Luckily, we can make our driving lives much easier. With four simple tips, we can make a big difference in reducing pain and relieving tension while we're behind the wheel for a happier driver.

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How to Relieve Tension by Finding Support

Muscles don’t have a mind of their own. They only do what your brain tells them to do.

To deal with muscle tension, we have to deal with your brain.

And your brain is telling your muscles to be tight because, for some reason, your brain thinks that if those muscles AREN’T working, something bad is going to happen. Your brain thinks that without your tension, you’re going to fall apart or you’re going to fall over.

To release tension, we have to convince your brain that isn’t true.

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2 Tips to Breathe Easier

Breathing is a whole bodied experience in which we allow air to fill our bodies, filling a vacuum that we create by getting bigger. And there are two main ways we create that space: the movement of our ribs and the movement of our diaphragm. There are some misconceptions about both that can make a big difference in free breath…

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Lessons in Living with Pain from the San Diego Pain Summit 2018

Did you know that once a year, San Diego is home to a unique, international gathering of the top researchers in pain science and practitioners like me who are committed to evidence-based practice that treats people authentically and effectively?

It’s awesome, and I’m in the middle of it right now. And here are five quick lessons on recurrent pain from today at the San Diego Pain Summit...

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