4 Tips to Drive Without Tension

#maxtheskeleton and I are here with four tips to help you drive easier and with less tension. Plus, we have some fun running errands.

Most of us spend a good chunk of our lives behind the wheel.

We don't think much about it, but there's a lot going on in the driver's seat. We're on high alert for other drivers, keeping track of navigation. We're swiveling our head all over the place to see around us, we're gripping the steering wheel, we're pressing our weight into pedals. And we're sitting in basically a bucket seat.

It's an ergonomic and postural nightmare! And driving can really hurt.

In fact, driving is one of the most common activities people ask me for help with. (You're not alone, in other words.)

Luckily, we can make our driving lives much easier.

With four simple tips, we can make a big difference in reducing pain and relieving tension while we're behind the wheel for a happier driver.

As usual, if you can watch the video, that will be easier to understand and apply the tips below! (So much easier to see than to read!)

The four tips:

  • Use your steering wheel to support you, instead of letting it drag you down. (Most of us actually grab onto the steering wheel and pull ourselves forward, collapsing in the front and raising our shoulders.)

  • Look around from the top of your spine; it's less work for more range of motion! (Most of us have our heads drooped a bit forward toward the steering wheel, and to move our heads around we have to bend our whole necks instead of letting the head swivel lightly.)

  • Let your legs rest and release. Remember, legs at rest naturally tend to have the knees fall a bit open. (So often, folks don't even let the leg that isn't operating the pedals rest!)

  • Rest the heel of your driving leg and pivot your foot to change pedals, instead of lifting the whole leg. (So yeah, even the foot/leg operating the pedals can chill out!)