How to Relieve Tension by Finding Support

I’m here today to help you release tension!

Okay, real quick, what is tension? And how do we release it?

Tension is when your muscles are contracted and working hard for an extended period of time. No shock there.

Why do muscles do that? I’m sure you have a long list of things that make you tense...

But muscles don’t have a mind of their own. They only do what your brain tells them to do.

To deal with muscle tension, we have to deal with your brain.

And your brain is telling your muscles to be tight because, for some reason, your brain thinks that if those muscles AREN’T working, something bad is going to happen. Your brain thinks that without your tension, you’re going to fall apart or you’re going to fall over.

To release tension, we have to convince your brain that isn’t true. And usually, it isn’t as easy as telling yourself to “just relax.”

In fact, you might be sick of people telling you to “just relax.” (I am.)

So, how?

You have to show your brain that you’re supported.

That you’re safe.

That you CAN in fact let go of your tension, and nothing bad will happen.

The easiest way to do that is to acknowledge the support that you have right now.

If you’re sitting right now, let your weight drop into the seat, and let the seat support you. If you’re standing, feel the ground pressing up underneath your feet. Let the ground support you up through your legs. And if you’re lying in bed, let your weight fall into the bed. Let your pillow support your head.

We don’t usually take advantage of the support that’s always underneath us.

We pick ourselves up a little bit, and don’t ever really finish sitting down or letting our head rest on our pillow before we go to sleep.

But when we do acknowledge that support, and release into it...

Our brain gets the message that we’re supported and it stops telling our muscles to be so tense.

So look your support.

Your feet, your seat, and your sheets are all great places to practice releasing into your support so that you can actually relieve your tension.

There's support for us all the time, but if you need more support in relieving your pain and tension, that's what I'm here for.