How to Sleep without Pain or Stiffness

😴 We should wake up feeling energized and refreshed, but so often, we're stiff and achy. In this video, we've got three big tips to change that:

👉 Tip One: Sleep amplifies however we are when we go to sleep -- if we go to sleep tense, we often wake up more tense. If we relaxed a little before bed, we often wake up more relaxed.

👉 Tip Two: Drop weight into the pillow and bed. Often, we don't actually let ourselves be supported! And that means our muscles are working all night long.

👉 Tip Three: Ergonomics! A firm enough mattress and pillows placed to support knees and head go a long way toward being able to relax and restore through the night.

#maxtheskeleton practices all three tips, and he sleeps like the dead. He doesn't even wake up through this whole video!

Let me know any questions about sleep posture and waking up refreshed!