Walk Easier in One Minute

Walking a pain in the side? Here's one quick tip to refresh your walking and load your legs more evenly!

Most of us when we walk (or go up or down a slope, or stairs, or... you get the picture) tend to favor one leg or the other. If you look at the rhythm of your steps, you'll probably find a 2-count that always puts the emphasis on the same leg. So something like ONE two ONE two ONE two (or, put another way, RIGHT, left, RIGHT, left, RIGHT, left.)

We can shake that up by walking on a count of 3, like one two THREE one two THREE one two THREE.

This way emphasis alternates! It becomes left right LEFT right left RIGHT left right LEFT.

It's an easy, fun thing to play with that can have surprisingly big effects on how we're landing on our legs (and how we feel in our ankles, knees, hips, and back) as we're walkin' along.

Small changes make big differences!