What does a (delicious) peach have to do with moving free from pain and tension?

san diego donut peach

🍑 These donut peaches are my favorite thing I’ve grown in my garden.

The smell alone is heavenly, and each bite is a bit of paradise.

I’ve been waiting to try one for almost two years.

🤷‍♂️ What does a peach have to do with movement, with facing down pain or tension, with figuring out what works best for your body?

Planting this peach tree was an act of faith, a gamble on my circumstances, and an investment in myself.

Fruit trees aren’t supposed to do well in containers. I was told by several gardening experts that it was doomed to failure.

It’s the same with our bodies. We come to believe we’re stuck with certain things, or stuck not able to do certain other things.

But a container was my only option as a renter.

So I researched and lovingly mixed my own potting soil for my little orchard. I even grew some calluses.

Holding this little beauty now, I’m glad I didn’t listen to the experts telling me “no way.” I’m glad I invested the time, money and effort two years ago. So worth it to me.

Often when we take that time with our bodies, we discover there's more possible than we realized.

And even if the whole peach enterprise had failed, well, I’d have learned a whole lot from that experience.

When we act on a bit of faith and invest in our growth, even if it truly is years away, someday we get there or at least learn a whole lot about ourselves on the way. And we’re happy to have made the journey and for our little bit of paradise.

I could easily have talked myself out of planting my orchard. I could have spent that money more practically, or not carved out the weekend to do the work. I could have kicked it down the road.

And if I’d done that, I’d be sitting here two years later, thinking “What if?” and even procrastinating it again, because a whole ‘nother two years is a long time to wait…

Instead, I’ve got peaches now.

The people who invest in learning what works for their bodies? They feel peachy, too.