When Our Stories Make Pain Inevitable and Possibilities Narrow

I had no idea that I was different than is typical, because my only frame of reference was my own experience, and the only stories I heard were about stopping being lazy and trying harder.

Because we only have our own frame of reference, we can easily get in our own way by not recognizing all the possibilities available to us. It’s easy to see our difficulties as inevitable weaknesses and to ignore our strengths. And it’s hard to see in what ways things might be able change...

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3 Essential Tips for Allowing Effortless Movement in Your Life

We all want to move 'right.' I certainly do. But forget any notion of how you are “supposed to,” about being right, and instead allow for a new story...

Movement is effortless in the same way that the sky is blue. Sure, sometimes there are clouds that make it hard to see, but we know that up above those clouds, the sky is always blue. We don’t have to strive and push ourselves to make the sky blue; it just is, and there is no right or wrong arrangement of clouds. There’s no blame associated with a cloudy day; it’s normal, and it tends to pass. So it is with movement...

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Graeson Harris-YoungComment
Driving Myself To (and From) Chronic Pain

...We think of alignments needing adjustment and of parts wearing out and needing to be lubricated or repaired or replaced. Basically, we do think of going to a mechanic to fix our bodies up. That mechanic might be a physical therapist, a chiropractor, a massage therapist, or even a surgeon...

... imagine if you had a car with a manual transmission, a stick-shift, and you never learned how to drive stick. Trying to drive 70 mph in first gear, it wouldn’t be any surprise if you ended up seeing your mechanic on a regular basis. Of course, the mechanic would be happy to keep patching things up for you. If you didn’t know better, you might even think your new car was just a lemon, or that your old car is just worn down with use and age. But with all those grinding gears and expensive visits to the repair shop, what if what you really need are driving lessons?

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Stop bullying yourself in the name of self-improvement

...the New Year is a special time to be more unkind to myself, under the guise of self-improvement. And what if that’s my real barrier?

This year, I am going to lay out a different plan.

Because there is a part of me that loves unkindness hidden in self-improvement. This year, I am choosing to look at the self-critical, driving, managerial bully part of me telling me that I have not been and will continue not to be enough, and I am going to say to him, “Thank you for trying to protect me, but could you please step back?”...

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