Dealing with body pain or tension?


This offer is for you.

Body Freedom is a small online group program I am beta testing for those of you who:

  • experience recurrent body pain (such as neck, back, hip or knee pain), or

  • have consistent tension or joint stiffness, or

  • feel disconnected from or anxious about your body, and

  • any of this is getting in the way of living life how you want to live it (because we don’t really care about pain, we care about how it gets in our way)

If you’re like most people I’ve worked with, you’ve tried all kinds of things to get stronger, stay active, and heal to feel better, with limited-at-best success.

At this point, you’re afraid things are only going to get worse as you get older. You might blame yourself for not working out, dieting, or otherwise taking care of yourself like you think you should. You’re probably sick of professionals not listening to you and promising (and then failing) to fix you. Your body feels like a weak link, and you’re focused on its shortcomings, what it keeps you from doing, and how it stops you from living life the way you want.

There is another way forward.

Imagine your body is a sports car with a stick shift, and you don’t know how you to drive stick. You’re puttering along, stalling out, and in to the mechanic every other week. The problem isn’t the car, though. You just need a driving lesson.

Your body is a powerhouse with the ability to feel great and move free from pain and tension.


You just need to learn how to use it differently.

Your body didn’t come with a user’s manual, and nobody has ever taught you how to sustainably release tension, relieve pain, and use your body in a way that doesn’t feel like hard work.

I want to teach you how to use your body this way. After a decade of study and practice in anthropology, neuroscience and movement education, and helping hundreds of people like you, I’m beta testing this online class as a new way to deliver you powerful results.

This 4-week class will be delivered live weekly online via Zoom, plus time for personal Q&A, and a Facebook group for ongoing support. It will be capped at 15 students to ensure individual attention crucial to learning what works for you.


Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to use your body with effortless good posture and efficient movement so you can relieve pain and maintain lifelong mobility (without relying on pills, adjustments, shots, or surgeries),

  • What actually causes tension and how to sustainably release it, so you can feel awesome and relaxed in your body,

  • How to tune into your body, so you can feel grounded and connected to your body as a source of strength

You’ll be in control of your body, and you can live life unhindered.

These results with this level of individual attention currently costs $797 with my regular offering.

This beta course is offered for only a $95 deposit to reserve your spot.

You’ll also be asked to provide feedback and an honest testimonial. It’s also risk free: if you attend the classes and aren’t satisfied, I’ll refund your deposit.

Class will run Tuesdays at 10am PDT/1pm EDT, November 27 - December 18, with recordings available.


I teach this because I know myself what it’s like to struggle with my body, and it can be scary to open up the possibility that things could be different. You’ve probably been disappointed before, and each new thing that doesn’t work can make you feel more hopeless and broken.

This is different, and the only thing that matters to me is helping you navigate your way forward to relieving your pain and living your life.

So let’s talk. I’ll shoot you straight if this can help or not. Use the form below to reach out, or reserve your space in Body Freedom Beta now!