Effortless Improv

Level 1: Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Body

Level 2: Longform without Limits

with Graeson Harris-Young

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"In the best possible way, this is unlike any class you have ever taken.

Now I let my body inform my character with ease, I'm kinder to myself with my choices, and the side-coaching was very helpful. Graeson will help you get out of your way and unlock your potential." - Brandon Hensgens


"This lets you be intentional on stage instead of falling into your go-to habits...

...and progress scenes from emotion instead of plot. Graeson brings a wonderful, unique approach to improv that lets you connect to your body in a way you don't normally think of." - Joe Partynski

Effortless Improv

Hey you, awesome improviser.

You've taken classes. You're getting up on stage. You've got your indie teams, maybe even a house team. You're rocking improv, and it's super fun!

...Except when it isn't. Sometimes you feel lost on stage, or you're stuck in your head struggling to figure out the right thing to say. Sometimes it feels like work, or it gets repetitive. Sometimes you just don't feel original enough, or funny enough, or smart enough.

Sometimes you're not sure where your special sauce went, you feel like you're in a rut, and you're not sure what you need to be working on.

You never need to feel this way again. You're brilliant, creative and heartfelt (and hilarious). You just need to learn how to access it, effortlessly.

Amir Razeghi shares his thoughts after a class with Graeson!

This transformational class is for you if you:

  • Feel disconnected or disengaged from your body (and totally in your head) while you’re performing

  • Have habits (go-to’s) that feel stale and keep you from making FUN choices on stage

  • Improvise from the neck up, overthinking through plot-heavy, talking heads scenes

  • Feel like you're faking characters and emotions

  • Feel anxious, tense or insecure about yourself on stage

  • Find yourself in a rut or burnt out on improv

...and if you want to be able to:

  • Play your widest range of characters, emotions and scenes, constantly discovering new choices

  • Check in and stay connected with yourself, totally present so you can always follow the fun

  • Trust scenes to unfold organically while still playing at the top of your intelligence

  • Respond with emotional honesty while playing unmasked, genuine characters

  • Feel confident and relaxed, able to let go into the flow of improv with total trust in yourself

And you just want to get unstuck, figure your shit out and have all the fun on stage, effortlessly.

I've been there.

My name is Graeson.

I've been improvising for almost fifteen years, and I've been on the wave of "THIS-IS-THE-BEST/i-suck-so-much/THIS-IS-THE-BEST/i-suck-so-much" many times.

I know every trap improvisers fall in to on stage, because I've fallen into them all. 

I've trained in virtually every major style from Viola Spolin's Theater Games and Keith Johnstone's Theatresports, to iO Chicago and the Annoyance. I'm also a certified Alexander Technique teacher, a method taught to actors to connect them to their bodies creatively and powerfully (maybe you've seen the results in the work of Robin Williams, or Monty Python's John Cleese?).

It's taken me a while to put all the pieces together and get out of my own way.

I am so excited to be able to give you all of that so much faster than it took me, taking you from stuck and struggling to confident and comfortable.

Because improv is actually easy. We just make it so much harder on ourselves.

This class shows you how to let improv be easy. Effortlessly awesome.


"This made improv more fun!

The more ease I feel in my body, the more fun it is. I can relax into scenes instead of tensing up and overthinking. The individual coaching was especially great. Graeson sees individual challenges and what people need to work on while being super supportive."
-Vera Didur

Here's what this masterclass actually looks like:

Level 1, Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Body (7-weeks)

We focus on you as an individual performer in two-person scenework, getting you unstuck, unblocked, and reconnected.

  • You'll learn how your body is your best friend on stage for effortlessly awesome improv, with lessons from the Alexander Technique that support voice, movement, and genuine feeling and expression.

  • With unique exercises and focused, supportive side-coaching, you'll remaster fundamental improv skills like initiation, character, and relationship in new, effortless ways.

    (Seriously, the side-coaching is something special, and you get a lot of it. You really get the opportunity to troubleshoot in action, overcoming personal blocks and unlocking your potential.)

Level 2, Longform without Limits (7-weeks)

We take your unlocked, effortlessly awesome self and show you how to take it from basic scenework into playing whole shows this way. We focus on two forms as you've never played them before:

  • Harold, totally unchained: Training wheels off, letters and numbers be damned. Wildly creative and flowing, with you calm, confident, and easy in the middle of the storm.

  • Improvised Play: Patient, grounded, surprisingly affecting and affectingly weird. Mono-character, narrative, and still totally out of your head and in play.

    These seemingly opposite forms give you the chance to experience effortless improv and see how you can play with it no matter what form, show or group you find yourself in.

Your investment to give yourself Effortless Improv is just $225/class.

Maximum of 10 students, maximizing individual attention and stage time.

Level 1: Mondays 6-8pm, Sept 10-Oct 22. Next offering Spring 2019.

Level 2: Mondays 6-8pm, Nov 5-Dec 17

Register for Level 1 by August 14 with code EARLYBIRD and save $25!
Add-on Level 2 Registration when you sign up for Level 1 and save $50!

Don't miss out! Last chance to take these classes until Spring 2019!

All classes hosted at Whole Bodied Coaching (2363 Needham Road)

For team coaching, workshops, and retreats, please contact me.


"This is a great class to become a more mindful performer and person.

In so many classes, we don't have the opportunity to fail and troubleshoot issues on the spot, and I really appreciated the supportive side-coaching that let us try new things in the moment." - Nina Ghatan


"This is like yoga with jokes.

Now, I can check in with myself and put words to how I feel which brings me back to the moment. I can let myself go and create new ways to play." - Jon Wright


"Graeson knows how to bring out the best in people.

I'm nicer to my body and more relaxed, with greater self-awareness and appreciation for emotional honesty while doing scenework. The notes and side-coaching were fantastic!" - Dave Gravina


"I definitely feel more confident now.

I'm willing to let my body speak, and I'm more mindful of how I treat my body. I really appreciate how Graeson is able to get the most of someone's character." - Dave Goldberg


"This class is great to learn how to love and trust your body...

...in improv and generally in life. The side-coaching allowed me to break down in real time how I can get better, and I trust myself (and my partner) more in scenes now." - Pranav Mutatkar

Thanks to my good friends at Finest City Improv for permission to use performance pictures of past students!

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Level 1: Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Body

Level 2: Longform without Limits