What Works for YOUR Body:
Moving Free from Pain+Tension

Movement Coaching and Alexander Technique
in San Diego and via Online Video Chat


Put an end to pain and tension running your life. Be Best Friends with Your Body.

You deserve to feel good in your body again with the expert knowledge about yourself to solve problems.

You love having a full life, and you bring your best to everything you do. You’re smart, you’re successful, and you’re driven. You’re used to pushing past every obstacle.

But you’ve hit a wall. You’re still awesome, but it feels like the harder you push, the worse your body feels:

  • You’re trying to get through your day-to-day, but it hurts like hell because supposed-to-be-easy things like sitting and standing are hard work for you.

  • You try to have good posture and do your exercises, but you don’t feel any better because they don’t fix the problem (or they make things worse).

  • You manage your stress and try to relax, but you’re not sure you really know how, because nobody ever taught you how to release tension and keep it from coming back.

  • You have things you love to do, but you have to say no to them because your body can’t totally handle it.

  • You seek help, but you’re (rightfully) angry because nobody listens to you and instead says you’re broken and that they can fix you (but they can’t).

  • You want to be your real, best self, but you don’t feel like yourself because you’re tense, tired, hurting, and focused on all your body’s shortcomings.


… And there’s this nagging fear, wondering if it’s never going to get better. It feels like the walls are closing in as you give up more of your life to pain and tension. You want to figure out what you can do to FEEL BETTER and get back to your life.

You know that you can figure this out

You KNOW you can feel better



Here’s what a great relationship with your body will look like:

  • Your day-to-day is full of ease and grace because you know how to move freely (and every moment sitting or standing is an opportunity to feel great).

  • You’re strong and flexible (and you look good) because you have good posture, effortlessly.

  • You have peace of mind and space to think because you know how to release tension and truly relax.

  • You’re taking things to the next level with what you love to do because you know you can handle it.

  • You’re your own expert, sorting out your problems as they come up, because you understand how it all works and you know what to do.

You’re genuinely your best self because you’re connected to your body as a powerhouse.


"I have alleviated so much pain from unneeded tension:

...lower back pain so bad it hurt to breathe, frequent headaches, pinching shoulder pains, and a hard time standing for long. The Alexander Technique has been the most life changing thing I've ever done for my physical health. I have learned to help myself feel great in my own body. I feel empowered to make good choices. You deserve to be able to do this too. Graeson is a magical teacher. 10/10, would recommend, it's amazing.-Kate Anderson

What Works for YOUR Body:
Moving Free from Pain+Tension

A personalized program that will teach you the skills of effortless posture, free movement, and true relaxation so that you can feel good in your body again.

Start living life again with the strength and support that comes from trust in your body!

WHAT WORKS FOR YOUR BODY is all about making you the expert in control of your body. You’ll learn to release tension and habits that have been getting in your way so you can do everything you love with safety, grace, and poise.

Here’s what you get with this program:

  • Personalized lessons in the Alexander Technique, the most effective method for you to learn effortless posture, free movement, and true relaxation that let you be the expert of your own body, delivered in-person in San Diego or Online via Zoom Video Chat, including:

    • Understanding how your muscles, bones, and joints actually work to lay the groundwork for your great new relationship with your body

    • Practice with all the activities of your daily life, from sitting, standing, walking, and bending over, to the specific things that matter to you in your work, hobbies, fitness, family and life so you have all the skills you need to relieve your pain and live how you want

    • Outside support and resources so you never feel lost or alone on your journey as you become best friends with your body

You deserve a great relationship with your body. You’re also unique, and you deserve an expert who works with you as an individual to build that relationship.

And it doesn’t take long. Most people get what they need in just twelve sessions.

The investment in your freedom from pain and tension is $1400.

It all starts with a money-back guaranteed consultation.

I don’t want your money unless we both believe I can help you.

Book your consult now so we can talk about moving you toward freedom from pain and tension.


"I feel liberated from fifteen years of stress and tension after working with Graeson."

Over a fifteen year period I struggled with stress that manifested into a very tight neck and shoulders. Within twelve weeks of working with Graeson I found immense relief. With his help I have gained control of my entire body, even beyond the physical. I have a new sense of calm. If you want to make a change to address pain, you will be in good hands with Graeson. -Mary Laterza


I’ve had problems for a long time and tried a bunch of stuff that hasn’t worked. How is this different?

If you’re like most people I work with, you’ve already tried some combination of massage, yoga, acupuncture, chiropractic, physical therapy, meditation, foam rolling, exercise, pharmaceuticals, surgery… the list goes on. All those things have their place (and maybe help you feel better!), but none of them really give you control of all the fundamentals: effortless posture, free movement and true relaxation. This program is all about learning those fundamentals in yourself, and the results you’ll get from this work are different from what you’ve tried before.

My life is FULL. Will I be able to fit this in?

The great thing for busy people is that this program teaches you skills that integrate into your life. It gives you more energy, and it doesn’t take any extra time at all once you’ve developed the skills. This program does require you to attend weekly lessons and spend an hour or two per week on homework. If you’re at a place in life where you can’t afford a few hours of self-care time per week, then this program isn’t a good fit for you right now. That’s a tough place to be. I’ll be here when you’re ready to develop the great relationship with your body you deserve.

I need to be out of pain. Will you fix me so I’m out of pain?

I have a no BS policy after everything I’ve been through myself, and I don’t make false promises. The people who go through this program experience consistently less pain, and some people end up basically pain-free. That’s not exactly the goal, though: the goal is to live life the way you want. THAT’S freedom from pain and tension. I’m not 100% pain-free myself, but I have that freedom. And I can help you develop the skills for that too.

This is expensive for me. How do I know it’s worth it for me?

I totally understand. Only you can decide if moving toward freedom from pain and tension by developing beautiful posture, free movement and true relaxation is worth the investment. I created this program because it’s what I wish I had myself earlier on my journey, and it would absolutely have been worth it to me. Please reach out to me and we will talk it through (with no sales pressure).

I’ve got legit medical issues (diagnoses, surgeries, injuries, etc.) Can this program help me?

Yep! This program does not attempt to treat or prevent any medical condition, but many symptoms can be improved by developing effortless posture, free movement and the ability to truly relax. These skills allow you to make the most of your body within your particular constraints.

So my job is to hear what your medical issues mean to you and help you develop the skills to have the best possible relationship with your body. I’m familiar with most musculoskeletal and neurological issues related to this work, but your situation is unique. Let’s chat about it on your complimentary consult.

And, of course, you should consult with your physician about any medical issues or changes to your care plan. I am not a physician nor a substitute for professional medical care.

What does a lesson actually look like? Will it hurt?

It won’t hurt, I promise! And you will leave each lesson feeling more grounded, open and relaxed.

Lessons involve gentle guidance through movement, usually no more vigorous than getting in and out of a chair (unless you ask to look at something with a little more oomph from your personal life). Don’t mistake gentle for ineffective, though -- the things you will learn about yourself are powerful.

To be upfront, though, you may feel weird. You will be changing postural and movement habits you’ve likely had for many years, and doing something new usually feels strange. Some people also find that unexpected emotions appear as they release tension, which is a normal part of the process, but can be surprising.

Why is it called a lesson instead of a session, anyway?

Because this is about you learning what works for your body. This is education, not treatment. It’s about putting you in control as your own expert, not making you a passive recipient of treatment from someone else. It’s about doing things with you, not to you. Learning to fish, not giving you a fish, that kind of thing.

Is this appropriate for someone with hypermobility?

Yep! This program is personalized for you, and others with hypermobility (including Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome) have found great benefit from it. I know hypermobility brings its own set of challenges that often get ignored, and we’ll deal with them directly. Just let me know about it during our consultation.

Can I pay with my HSA or FSA? How about insurance?

If your HSA or FSA uses a debit card, you can likely pay for this program directly. If your HSA/FSA plan instead issues reimbursement, you will likely need a Letter of Medical Necessity (LMN) from your healthcare provider in addition to a receipt from me. Unfortunately, insurance will generally not cover or reimburse. Because all HSA, FSA and insurance plans are administered differently, I cannot make any guarantees for coverage or be held responsible if a claim is denied.

What are your cancellation and refund policies?

To keep my schedule as available for you as possible, I maintain a strict 24-hour cancellation policy for appointments, and late-cancels or no-shows will incur a $45 fee to reschedule. Exceptions may granted on a case-by-case basis at my discretion for emergency and illness. Lessons will be honored up to six months from initial payment and at my discretion after that point.

I take great care through the consult to make sure that this program is a good fit for you. If after our consultation you decide that this program isn’t for you, I will refund you 100%. After your second lesson is scheduled, this program is non-refundable.

More questions? Let's talk them through and see how we can move you toward freedom from pain and tension.

Schedule your money-back guaranteed consultation now!


"Working with Graeson showed me that I didn't have to be tense.

He showed me that my body is capable of relaxing, of moving, of not feeling like my limbs are bolted in like some Frankenstein monster. I was surprised every lesson by the things my body could do. And I couldn't have asked for a kinder, more patient teacher than Graeson." -Kyle Spitzig


"I highly recommend Graeson for anyone who is feeling physically stuck.

I found Graeson’s guidance to be an amazing way to break out of old habits and discover my own body’s true range of motion -- which was much greater than I thought!
-Shanna Brown


"My lessons with Graeson gave me new options for how I move and exist in my body.

He helped me fix things I didn’t know were wrong, and all the while he maintained an attitude of ‘non-fixing,’ focusing rather on growth and expansion. Many aches and pains that I thought were just a product of getting older were eased directly after the lessons, and I now have a greater awareness of options when they creep back in.”
-Krysta Williams