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At Whole Bodied Coaching, I teach people like you what you need to know about your body.

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Whether you’re dealing with a chronic condition, everyday pain and tension, or you want to maximize your wellness, I can help. If you’re an athlete or a performer, and you want to know how to use your body to maximize performance, I can help. And if you want to bring those benefits to your organization or business, I can help with that, too.

Movement Coaching to Improve Posture Pain Tension Mobility/Disability and Chronic Conditions San Diego Online

Available in San Diego and via Online Video Chat

Movement Coaching: Find What Works for YOUR Body with Alexander Technique

If you’re tired of wasting time, energy, and money on:

  • Pain or tension getting in the way of the important things in your life, like work and family

  • Exercises and treatments that don't fix the problem, or sometimes even make it worse

  • Professionals telling you you're broken and they can fix you (except they can't)

...and what you really want is to just live your life without feeling like your body is in your way, this service is for you.

This coaching shows you how to take control of your body and live how you want to while minimizing pain and tension. You’ll learn posture, movement, and mindful relaxation skills that work for your unique body in your unique life.

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Available in San Diego and via Online Video Chat

Performance Coaching with Alexander Technique:

Your Body is Your Instrument


Suitable for Athletes, Actors, Musicians, Dancers, Martial Artists, Public Speakers, Improvisers and others whose body is their instrument.

The Alexander Technique is an important part of training at elite institutions around the world like Juilliard and the Royal College of Music, and it’s been used by a huge number of celebrity actors, musicians, dancers, and Olympic athletes, because it’s simply the best way to connect with your body as a performer.

This coaching can help you break through plateaus, get a handle on performance anxiety, find mindful presence, resolve recurring injuries and prevent future injury, discover greater physical power and expressiveness, improve control of your body, including posture, movement, breath and voice.

Private lessons and occasional group classes are available. Group classes are also announced on Facebook.

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Workplace Wellness

Companies like yours hire me to help their employees be safe, happy, and productive.

Employers benefit by happier, more productive company culture, improved employee retention, fewer productive hours lost annually through illness, fewer accidents and errors due to fatigue, and in some cases lowered insurance costs.

Companies report their employees have less musculoskeletal pain, more energy, better stress management and improved team work, creativity, concentration and public speaking skills.

Workplace Wellness Training, perfect for a morning meeting, lunch & learn, or staff retreat, shows your employees you care about their well-being. Available topics include: Workplace Posture & Ergonomics, Stress Management & Tension Relief, Body Language & Physical Presence, and more.

Posture & Ergonomic Assessments provide individual support to employees, including simple and powerful changes they can make to solve pain, tension and fatigue at work, as well as practical, inexpensive equipment suggestions to improve the work environment.

Packages are affordable and customizable. Schedule a free call to discuss your organization’s needs by clicking the button.

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Self-Study Premium Membership (coming soon)

Your body didn’t have a user’s manual, until now.

This subscription membership offers a growing collection of what everybody (including you!) deserves to know about their body, with new lessons delivered weekly and full access to the archive. Excellent by itself or in combination with individual coaching!

Topics range from posture and ergonomics to relaxation and mindfulness, because, oh yeah, your brain is part of your body, too. For just $10 / mo, or $100 / yr, you have access to many of the same lessons that people and businesses pay me thousands for, and you’ll find great benefit applying them in as little as ten minutes a week.

This is premium content in addition to the free newsletter content! Coming soon. In the meantime, you can subscribe for the free content and be the first to know about premium self-study.


"I feel liberated from fifteen years of stress and tension after working with Graeson.

Over a fifteen year period I struggled with stress that manifested into a very tight neck and shoulders. Within twelve weeks of working with Graeson I found immense relief. With his help I have gained control of my entire body, even beyond the physical. I have a new sense of calm. If you want to make a change to address pain, you will be in good hands with Graeson.” -Mary Laterza


"I drive a lot, and stiffness is a chronic problem. After troubleshooting, I'm enjoying reduced back tension.

I can identify when I am in a poor position (like slouching my neck) and I am able to bring myself into alignment without adding tension. My movement feels more free, my body is more relaxed, and I'm able to be more calm altogether. The troubleshooting experience was very helpful, and Graeson is a joy to work with." - Luke Davis


"Working with Graeson showed me that I didn't have to be tense.

He showed me that my body is capable of relaxing, of moving, of not feeling like my limbs are bolted in like some Frankenstein monster. I was surprised every lesson by the things my body could do. And I couldn't have asked for a kinder, more patient teacher than Graeson." -Kyle Spitzig


"My lessons with Graeson gave me new options for how I move and exist in my body.

He helped me fix things I didn’t know were wrong, and all the while he maintained an attitude of ‘non-fixing,’ focusing rather on growth and expansion. Many aches and pains that I thought were just a product of getting older were eased directly after the lessons, and I now have a greater awareness of options when they creep back in.”
-Krysta Williams


"I highly recommend Graeson for anyone who is feeling physically stuck.

I found Graeson’s guidance to be an amazing way to break out of old habits and discover my own body’s true range of motion -- which was much greater than I thought!
-Shanna Brown

It's time to reconnect with your body.

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