It's time to reconnect with your body.

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1-on-1 Help to Overcome Pain & Tension

What Works for YOUR Body
Signature 12-week program to move free from pain+tension

Learn to overcome pain+tension as you become your own expert, with beautiful posture, free movement, and true relaxation. Too many people struggling with recurrent pain+tension try so hard without knowing how to make change that works for them. If that sounds like you, I want you to know: I get it. I created this program because it’s what I wish I had when I was suffering from debilitating pain and I was ready to radically transform my relationship with my body.

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Activity Troubleshooting
Single session, laser-focused help

This is a how-to session for that thing you do that gives you trouble. You’ll get practical, immediately applicable guidance how to perform an activity better and with less pain and tension.

Common activities to troubleshoot include exercise form, office/computer work, driving, playing sports, and performance, as well as activities of daily living like walking, sitting, standing or sleeping.

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"I feel liberated from fifteen years of stress and tension after working with Graeson.

Over a fifteen year period I struggled with stress that manifested into a very tight neck and shoulders. Within twelve weeks of working with Graeson I found immense relief. With his help I have gained control of my entire body, even beyond the physical. I have a new sense of calm. If you want to make a change to address pain, you will be in good hands with Graeson.” -Mary Laterza


"I drive a lot, and stiffness is a chronic problem. After troubleshooting, I'm enjoying reduced back tension.

I can identify when I am in a poor position (like slouching my neck) and I am able to bring myself into alignment without adding tension. My movement feels more free, my body is more relaxed, and I'm able to be more calm altogether. The troubleshooting experience was very helpful, and Graeson is a joy to work with." - Luke Davis

Group Programs

Please contact me directly to schedule group workshops, including posture+ergonomics corporate wellness training.


"Working with Graeson showed me that I didn't have to be tense.

He showed me that my body is capable of relaxing, of moving, of not feeling like my limbs are bolted in like some Frankenstein monster. I was surprised every lesson by the things my body could do. And I couldn't have asked for a kinder, more patient teacher than Graeson." -Kyle Spitzig


"My lessons with Graeson gave me new options for how I move and exist in my body.

He helped me fix things I didn’t know were wrong, and all the while he maintained an attitude of ‘non-fixing,’ focusing rather on growth and expansion. Many aches and pains that I thought were just a product of getting older were eased directly after the lessons, and I now have a greater awareness of options when they creep back in.”
-Krysta Williams


"I highly recommend Graeson for anyone who is feeling physically stuck.

I found Graeson’s guidance to be an amazing way to break out of old habits and discover my own body’s true range of motion -- which was much greater than I thought!
-Shanna Brown